Is My Vehicle Due a Safety Update?

Your new vehicle comes equipped with the latest technology and safety features to provide safe journeys to you and your passengers.  In order to keep these features working to their ultimate performance your vehicle may require updates from time to time.  You will either be notified directly from the manufacturer or by us and you call contact our Service Department to book an appointment.



Recall Campaigns


A Recall is a preventative check that may be required to be carried out onto a specific vehicle in order to identify a potential fault which has been recognised by the Manufacturer.  The most recent registered owner of the vehicle will automatically receive a letter from the manufacturer that their vehicle is due a check and it is imperative that you book the vehicle in for a checkover as soon as possible.




Satellite Navigation Updates

With the ongoing introduction of new roads and buildings your built in Satellite Navigation system may require a Map System update.  You can visit the relevant Manufacturer sites below for more information and in some cases you can carry the update yourself or you can contact our Service Department today who will be more than happy to assist.

For more information on the Manufacturers Navigation Updates please click on the relevant Manufacturer below