Renault E-TECH Electric and HYBRID Range

Drive Electric with Renault

The Renault Zero Emissions Range of Electric Vehicles combines enviromental responsibility with driving pleasure. Choose from the Renault ZOE Supermini or the Z.E. LCV Commercial Range including the Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E.

Renault ZOE

100% Electric car by Renault

  • Up to 395km WLTP Range
  • Drive away from just €89 per week
  • 24 Hour Test Drive Available


100% Electric Commercial by Renault

  • Up to 200km WLTP Range
  • Choose from 4 Versions including a Crew Van version to carry up to 5 adults


100% Electric Large Commercial by Renault

  • Up to 120km WLTP Range
  • 6 Versions available and a usable volume between 8 and 22m3

Renault E-TECH Hybrid and Plug In Hybrid Range

All New Renault E-TECH Range – Hybrid and Plug In Hybrid Models: the first step towards zero emissions

Discover a whole new world with the Renault E-TECH range.  In the city or the countryside, driving Renault Hybrid and Plug In Hybrid vehicles limits particles and hybrocarbons.  The Advantage? These vehicles have redefined driveability!


Fuel efficiency of Renault Hybrid Vehicles
Optimise your vehicles fuel consumption with E-TECH Hybrid technology. Born from Renault's expertise in energy management, it helps you adapt your driving mode to your travel. That way you can reduce fuel consumption by up to 40% in the city
Choose the flexibility of a rechargeable Hybrid Vehicle
Short trips in the city and long journeys in the countryside? Opt for a rechargeable Hybrid vehicle and get the benefits of two types of engine in one car!

Renault CLIO V Hybrid

Renaults Supermini Star is now available as a Hybrid


Renaults flagship SUV is now available as a Plug In Hybrid


Renaults Versatile Family Car is now available as a Plug In Hybrid